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  • Fire System Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Two-way Voice
  • Video Monitoring
  • PERS and MPERS
  • Cellular and IP
  • Message Center
  • Subscriber Billing
  • Interactive Services

Security Monitoring

Residential Security

Signaling for burglary, fire, panic, hold-up, low battery and A/C power failure

Commercial Security

  • Non-supervised daily and weekly
  • Communicator tests
  • Elevator phone monitoring
  • Supervised open/close is a unique web portal designed for your customers in mind. This website utilizes the same easy-to-use format as CMS Compass and may be customized with your company’s logo. View this video to learn more about the benefits of giving your subscribers access to

Alarm Message

Text Messaging

Subscribers will be happier when they begin receiving SMS text notifications instead of a call from CMS on all their alarm system alerts. Also, when customers access the URL in the text message they receive, they are taken to a landing page with their recent account information.

Supervised Open/Close

Subscribers with access to multiple locations, that also have supervised open/close schedules monitored by CMS, can utilize the Supervised Open/Close dashboard. This feature is available on the mobile version of The dashboard allows users to see the open/close status of a location and gives the option to modify the time of the next open/close event. Open Close mobile screenshot


From this landing page they can also verify a false alarm or dispatch the authorities with the click of a button!

Dealers can use CMS Compass to set up text notifications for their customers or staff. This Compass feature also helps dealers control unwanted operator handled alarms. Cancel/Verify mobile screenshot
Video surveillance camera in living room ceiling

Video Monitoring

CMS currently supports the following video platforms: logo
CHeKT logo
DMP logo
I View Now logo
Videofied logo

For a list of ancillary DVRs supported by CMS, contact Business Development.

Wall-mounted fire alarm

Fire System Monitoring

We provide commercial fire alarm signaling and customizable notification on troubles, supervisory signals and missed timer tests. Signals are received on our dedicated UL receivers, meeting UL standards for alarm signal traffic management. We strictly follow NFPA 72 Guidelines for fire accounts—ensuring best practices are followed. Specially trained UL certified operators and dealer support representatives handle UL fire accounts and comply with the local AHJ. Using UTC MASterMind, fire signals are assigned to operators with specific fire training to respond to commercial fire/NFPA fire signals. Only operators who have passed our training for UL fire respond to UL fire accounts. Fire signals hold the highest priority in our monitoring platform, MASterMind.

Environmental Monitoring

We can monitor environmental threats and provide alarms for:

  • Temperature

  • Power

  • Water

  • Gas Levels

Elderly woman discussing PERS monitor with nurse

PERS and MPERS Monitoring

Let your customers re-establish mobility and independence with PERS and MPERS monitoring from CMS.

  • Trained operators: Our operators are specially trained to handle PERS and MPERS signals. They will stay on the line with your customer until help arrives and follow through after a transport, providing notification to caregivers.
  • Event history: Detailed event history on every customer is available in CMS Compass.
  • Monitoring representatives handling PERS signals are professionally trained and equipped to handle different types and levels of emergencies by using interactive PERS scenarios, including sensitivity training and techniques to promote conversations with your PERS customers. All of our PERS and MPERS operators must pass a certification exam specific to PERS and MPERS signals.
  • PERS and MPERS monitoring services can include wellness checks, medication reminders, emergency service, inactivity and fall detection—depending on the equipment installed at the customer’s site.
Close up of operator at call center

Two-way Voice Monitoring

Give your customers added security and peace of mind with two-way voice monitoring. This feature allows customers to communicate hands-free with CMS operators from anywhere in their home or business without using a phone.*

*Two-way communication may be limited in certain situations due to the proximity of the two-way system and the structure of the building in use. For more details on two-way communication, please contact Business Development.

After alarm activation, our operators can talk with and listen to your customers until emergency help arrives.

This reassures customers and allows us to get valuable information to request dispatch of emergency response providers, including police, fire and paramedics.

Not only can we provide reassurance to your customer, but this feature also reduces false alarms through verification with your customer. Call Business Development for more information on two-way voice communication, compatible panels, and to set up a demonstration.