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About CMS

Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS)

Headquartered in Longwood, FL, CMS has provided high-quality alarm monitoring nationwide for over 35 years. Our employee tenure is unrivaled. CMS management team has on average more than 19 years experience. As one of the largest wholesale monitoring companies in the U.S., CMS supports over 3.000 alarm dealers who service more than 800,000 subscribers in all 50 states.

Our monitoring training goes beyond industry standards. Operator education is not only intensive, it’s live and "hands-on", meaning no online computer modules. Central station operators are required to provide superior customer service, ending every customer interaction by thanking them for their business. Also, all calls are monitored for quality assurance to make sure CMS operators are living up to the high expectations we set.

The all new CMS Compass dealer portal, in desktop or mobile versions, provides account access 24/7 and helps you navigate your business with tools exclusive to CMS. Offerings like a dedicated Business Development support representative, a Dealer Support department for your everyday needs, dealer preferred equipment pricing, and customizable end-user marketing materials, make CMS a true business partner.

CMS’ infrastructure is like no other in the business. Our three centers are fully redundant, UL Listed and FM Approved—connected using the latest in communications technology. These advanced features keep us running when disaster strikes. CMS’ infrastructure gives our dealers and their customers peace of mind, knowing their security system will always be monitored.

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Our People


The employee selection process is a critical step. Candidates for monitoring representatives must pass extensive local, nationwide, and international background checks. Potential employees must also meet a variety of qualifications prior to entering our rigorous training program.

Once hired, background checks are repeated every two years, and if new charges are found, CMS may terminate the employee at that time. Employees are also subject to random drug screenings.

Being extremely selective with potential candidates allows us to find employees who perform better and hold longer tenure with the company.

Quality Assurance

Quality is just as important to us as response times. CMS tracks the quality of calls we handle.

Our quality assurance team listens to thousands of calls each month to guarantee that they are being handled properly. The QA team then grades each call using a variety of criteria.

If an operator does not meet expectations, their supervisor meets with them to review the call and assess if further training is needed.

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The CMS monitoring training program exceeds standards set by the security industry. All trainees attend live training classes for six weeks. Over this course of time monitoring representatives learn about 22 different topics, are required to pass four knowledge test quizzes, a mid-term exam, and obtain a score of 90% or higher on the 150-question final exam. Representatives are also required to complete a 16-hour customer service certification and pass a final exam.

Once classroom learning is complete, candidates must complete an important step in the CMS monitoring representative training process, Bridge Time. During this timeframe a training class handles live alarms under the constant supervision of the training team.

Bridge Time

  • Trainees receive daily feedback on their progress for the day.
  • Subjects that require additional attention are reviewed every morning when training class begins.
  • The entire class listens to calls aloud in class for review.
  • Performance is tracked for three weeks.
  • Trainees must display this “hands-on” efficiency before transitioning to the central station floor.
  • Once trainees hit the floor, training apprentices audit 100% of their work for four weeks.

Unparalleled Experience

Our team has years of experience.

  • Joined in the 1980s
    • Tony Wilson President
  • Joined in the 1990s
    • Lynn Kilfeather Director Monitoring
    • Rose Sabourin Business Application Support Director
    • Mary Montes Operations Manager
    • Anthony Shomo Business Development Support Representative
    • Kim Ward Business Development Support Representative
    • Jeff Hoblick Business Development Manager
    • Lisa Leos Billing & Collections Manager
    • Alicia DaPrano Business Development Support Representative
    • Jason Van Meter Compass Operations Manager
    • Heidi Greene Business Development Support Technical Manager
  • Joined in the 2000s
    • Nicole Kenny Business Development Support Manager
    • Ruth Scott Director of Monitoring
    • Michelle Wiser Business Development Support Representative
    • Mark Humphrey Senior Manager Business Administration
    • Kip Grant Business Development Representative
  • Joined in the 2010s
    • Jackie Townley Business Development Representative
    • Peter Brass Dealer Support Technical Manager & Conversions
    • Mike Lampl VP Business Development
    • Heidi Hicks Business Operations Manager
    • Jenny Cooke Business Development Representative
    • Kyle Wilson Business Development Representative
  • Joined in the 2020s
    • Rebecca Stengel Business Development Representative
    • Olivia Hagerman Marketing Manager

Front-Line Representatives

4 years average tenure

Management Team

19 years average tenure