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Dealer Support Team

The CMS Dealer Support team focuses solely on providing customer service for dealers. Representatives in this department are available seven days a week to assist via phone or email. Representatives are specially trained to help dealers manage their account base, and to assist with any potential issues.

Hours (EST):

  • M – F 7 am – 9:30 pm
  • Sat 8 am – 6 pm
  • Sun 9:30 am – 6 pm

Our on-site time was cut nearly in half.

During the 2G to 3G transition, the CMS Tech Support staff were very influential in helping us achieve our goals in a very timely and professional manner. With their help and knowledge of programming the new Uplink cell units, our on-site time was cut nearly in half. As a matter of fact, they also assisted us with the programming and activation of new Uplink cell units as well.

Randy Wilson
Sales and Service Technician,
Southern Burglar & Fire Alarm Company
Belton, SC

Business Development
Support Team

The CMS Business Development Support team serves as the foundation for the dealer experience. Based on geographic location, your dealer account is assigned a support representative.

These dedicated CMS team members will help you with things like:

  • CMS Compass demos/training
  • Activating third-party services
  • Activating additional CMS services
  • Field concerns about service levels
  • Serve as your connection to all of CMS’ inside operations
People meeting in a conference room

CMS Message Center

CMS Message Center is our in-house, 24/7, live answering service. Our message center is also fully integrated into CMS Compass, giving you one place to get all your messages.

All inbound message center calls are handled by fully trained CMS monitoring representatives, ensuring your customer is receiving the same level of service and knowledge of the security industry as they do when they call your office.

You and your staff can use CMS Compass to view service requests and customer messages taken by CMS repre­sen­tatives. Compass administrators in your office can manage on-call schedules. They can also select which staff member receives message notifications from Compass via text or email. All Compass users can acknowledge when a message has been received so administrators know which employee is taking care of the customer. Learn more about CMS Message Center.

The old way

  • Icon of mobile smart phone with person graphic on screen

    Subscriber calls CMS

  • Icon of person with headset

    CMS takes message

  • Icon of person with headset

    Message delivered to alarm company over phone/text

  • Icon of computer with selection arrow

    Alarm company looks up account in CMS Compass

The new and improved way

  • Icon of mobile smart phone with person graphic on screen

    Subscriber calls CMS

  • Message icon with count badge of 1

    CMS takes message and sends to dealer via Compass


Billing and Payments

CMS Dealers can use CMS Compass to view their A/R history and run billing audit reports themselves. Billing audit reports help ensure that dealers are being billed by CMS for the same customers and services that they are billing themselves.

CMS Direct Subscriber Billing

DSB is integrated with CMS Compass too! Dealers who use this service can use CMS Compass to complete the following billing actions:

  • Add billing details/new services to new or existing customer profiles
  • Cancel billing details for a customer
  • View customer A/R history
  • Post adjustments to a customer’s billing account

CMS Tech Help Tool

The Tech Help Tool is an online library of technical resources created by CMS, for the security industry. This website can be provided to your technicians to use on the go or to your office staff to help customers over the phone with technical issues. CMS Dealers can easily access the Tech Help Tool by using the quick access link in the menu bar of CMS Compass desktop and mobile.

We’ve developed a game plan to fight the war on attrition.

Like most alarm companies, attrition has been problem for us. At one point we were losing as many accounts as we were adding! My original belief was the economy was the culprit and as the economy improved, so would our attrition. That day never came. I realized I might be in over my head, and asked CMS for help.

With the help of CMS Compass reports and participation in CMS events—which allow us to network with other dealers and learn what procedures they have in place—we’ve developed a game plan to fight the war on attrition. On a daily basis, I personally call all customers that we’ve learned are cancelling. I get involved because when the president personally calls, people tend to listen.

Ed Trim
President & CEO,
Pennington & Trim Alarm Company
Flowood, MS


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